Word of Mouth … Wow! Thanks!

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Thank you for the excellent work you did with this project …The final outcomes far exceeded my expectations and I am simply amazed at how well you were able to come in, make sense of software that you were not familiar with and create effective training materials for our employees. You truly have added incredible insight to this entire effort. Thank you! (Manager, Procter & Gamble)


To help us fix a not-very-good website…Judy came up with a website that is well organized, comprehensive and easy to use… much better. It can now be used by customers to research and understand the service offering AND it can used as an online “manual” for our service personnel. This site is the best example of this type of technical documentation resource that I’ve ever seen. (Manager, Hewlett-Packard)


Wow, you are amazing...the site looks great! I copied everything up and it’s working like a champ. You have helped me out sooooo much. Thank you! (Manager, Hewlett-Packard)


This documentation is very comprehensive.You’ve certainly set the bar to a higher level. Great work! (Manager, Procter & Gamble)


I was happy about the final product . . .very happy with the turnover time. You were able to meet our goals. (Manager, R.A. Jones Manufacturing Company)


Thanks for your development and presentation of our website.The details we requested were accurate, professionally formatted, easily read and interpreted by visitors. (Board of Directors, The Opportunity School)


Will I call you again? Yes! The service was good. (IS Manager, Quantum Chemical)


Your diligent research and hard work produced an accurate, polished manual on an extremely tight deadline. (President, Foreground Systems)


Ms. Harper knew what to do…anticipated our needs, learned our operation … and the format was super! (Process Supervisor, Procter & Gamble)


Your article is wonderful and…certainly contains a lot of valuable information. We commend you on a job well done. (Marketing Manager, Parlex Corp)


Thank you for the excellent article. It reads great, is very informative, and needs no editing, which is always nice when I’m on deadline. I appreciate the good job! (Editor, AKFCF Quarterly)


The manual was very well written…and easy to follow. (Manager, Northern Telecom)


Your diligence and expertise...helped make this a truly useful document for the user. (Communications Mgr, Energy Innovations)


(Be sure to check out my recommendations at LinkedIn!)