Communicate or Die

Information is free. It’s like sand: dirt-common and available from countless sources, anywhere you find an Internet connection.

Communication — a message that gets through — comes at a price. It’s like fine crystal:  comparatively rare and available only as the result of deliberate, skilled craftsmanship.

Though the two are often confused, the “words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ … signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.” (Sidney J. Harris)

“Getting through”– to customers, to employees, to investors, to all your stakeholders — is the life blood of  your business — whatever that business may be.  Information is useful, but communication is essential. Here’s why.

You really know your stuff. But what happens when other people need to know what you know? You very often have a communication mismatch. Communicating knowledge or expertise in person, on paper, or online is not always as simple as just “talking it over,” “writing it down,” or “putting it up on the web.”

When required information doesn’t get through from the experts to the audience, what we have, boys and girls, is a failure to communicate. People want to know what your stuff can do for them. They want to know how to run your software efficiently, operate your equipment safely, or change the settings on your gizmo. They want to avoid communication problems.

I can help you give people the information they need, make it available to them when they need it, and make sure they can use it to get the results you both want. Just tell me what you need to communicate; together we can get it done.