Fight the PowerPoint

Call a meeting. Add a hefty deck of PowerPoint slides as a presentation. Throw in an earnest presenter reading slide text flawlessly. And finally, to spice things up, toss in half a dozen large pizzas ( two vegetarian, two meat-lovers,  and two cheese for the terminally unimaginative). Simmer in an overheated/icy cold/carbon-dioxide-filled (pick your level of discomfort) room for at least 30 minutes.

Whacha got, Bubby? A stultifying stew that facilitates no learning, generates no interest, provides no memorable information, and makes my teeth hurt.

Enough is enough.

Forget safe and mind-numbing:

  • Botox bullet points
  • Bland clip art
  • Boring regurgitation

Try creative and edgy:

  • Storytelling
  • Stunning visuals
  • Challenging conversation

Fight the fog.

It’s not just meetings.  PowerPoint presentation paralysis and corporate drone are universal:  in web site content, in web-based training courses, in procedures, in user guides, in white papers.

Don’t give up. You can find tips for combatting the drone here.

You can join me in trying out this tool (Fight the Bull has, unfortunately, retired from the field of battle; the link doesn’t work anymore) for spotting and eliminating jargon, technobabble, and empty multisyllables. (Warning: I’ve read mixed reviews about its effectiveness. But in this battle, anything is worth a try.)

Find perspectives on making PowerPoint presentations effective here.

Can I get a witness?

Share your ideas for thinning the corporate communication fog.