Some of What I’ve Done with My Life

Web Sites and Online Help Systems

Procter and Gamble
– Intranet-based help system for an enterprise operating system
– Help system for users signing up for computer replacement

Givaudan Roure
– Oracle-based formulation management system support
– Online procedural support for plant workers

IntelliSeek (Internet search system support)

Operator and User Guides

AM Graphics (ElectroPress programmer’s manual)
Control Data Corporation (USAF central datacomm system)
Energy Innovations, Inc (remote telemetry system)
NCR Corporation (computer-assisted dispatch system)
Cintech Tele-Management Systems (automated call-distribution system)
Cincinnati Bell Information Systems (records management software system)
Cincinnati Milacron (four-axis lathe operation)
Sheffield Measurement Division (automated precision measuring equipment)
Standard Register Company (financial equipment software and hardware)
Monarch Marking Systems (bar-code marking equipment)
Procter & Gamble Manufacturing (order management system)
Tekmar Company (microprocessor-controlled analytical systems)
Quantum Chemical Company (personnel management system)
Givaudan-Roure (Oracle-based formula management system)


Cincinnati Bell Telephone (directory advertising billing procedures)
Westinghouse Materials Company of Ohio (waste-handling procedures)
Procter & Gamble (beverage processing and packaging procedures)
Miller Brewing Company (product handling and system troubleshooting procedures)
Cincinnati YMCA, Melrose branch (membership management procedures)

Technical Marketing Communications

Peerless Machinery Corporation (mixing equipment article)
KZF Engineering (HVAC design and construction innovation)
Quantum Chemicals (commodity and specialty chemicals booklets)

Technical Reference Manuals

Energy Innovations (self-reading meter system specifications)
Procter & Gamble Engineering (design guidelines and manuals)
Intercomputer Communications Corporation (data extraction system manual)
Tandem Computer (data warehousing system documentation)

Articles and Books


Contributing Writer, Electronic Components, February 1994 to 1998.
“Process Technologies Shrinking”, Electronic Components, March 1997.
“CAN-Enabled Models Cut System Costs”, Electronic Components, May 1997.
“IrDA Standard Paves Way for Easy, Cheap Information Exchange,” Electronic Components, September, 1996.
Project Analyst, Business Communications Company, 1998-2000
The Microelectronics Market for Imaging Chemicals, July 1999.
Evolving Dielectrics in Semiconductor Devices, January 2001.

Computer Hardware/Software/Communications

“Centralized Enterprise Storage,” Enterprise Management Issues, Nov/Dec 1998
Windows NT and UNIX Intranet Secrets (Contributing Writer), IDG, 1997.
Windows 95 Certification Kit (contributing author), QUE, June 1996.
“Data Warehousing,” The Computer Manager, November-December 1995.
“RAD (Rapid Application Development) Roundup,”HP Professional, May 1995.

General Business/Industry

“Time Management Pays Big Dividends,” Enterprise Management Issues, Mar/Apr 1997.
“Commitment to Change,” AKFCF Quarterly, Winter 1996.
“Tech Watch: Using Computers,” Resort & Commercial Recreation, May/June 1996.

Chemistry/Chemical Engineering

G-72D for Superior Sulfur Removal, United Catalysts, Inc. publication.
Punctilious Ethyl Alcohol, Quantum Chemical publication.
Vinyl Alcohol Monomer, Quantum Chemical publication.

Construction/Heavy Equipment

“A Primer on Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps,” Equipment World, March 1995.
“Lower Tire Costs with Retreads,” Equipment World, December 1994.
“Long-Life Trucks,” Equipment World, November 1994.