Writing Procedures

A JOB AID FOR WRITING PROCEDURES… that readers can follow without hating the writer or hacking the job.

1. ASK: Answer Six Key questions.

a. Who does this task? d.  Why is the job aid needed?
b. When is it done? e.  What conditions are required?
c.  How often is it done? f.   What follow-up is necessary?

2.  TELL: Test Every Line for Logic.

a.  Create a summary that outlines the logical sequence of steps.
b.  Make the steps follow the flow outlined in the summary.

3.  KISS: Keep It Short and Simple

a.  Remove unnecessary words (very, quite, extremely).
b.  Use photos, charts, and screenshots to provide detail.
c.  Use concrete nouns, active verbs, and quantifiable modifiers.